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[Please allow time for movie clip to load.]

Selectivity of TFR-GFP Transport in a Mature Hippocampal Neuron in Culture

The GFP fluorescence images were pseudocolored green and superimposed on the red-pseudocolored MAP2 immunofluorescence image obtained after fixation at the end of the recording. The video shows a rapid playback (6X real time) of a 30 second recording. Several anterogradely moving vesicles enter the top of the segment near the beginning of the recording, and other anterogradely moving vesicles are apparent near the bottom of the dendritic segment. A bright retrogradely moving vesicle is also apparent near the middle of the dendritic segment. No vesicles move into the axonal branch--i.e. the TfR vesicles are "smart", and translocate only on the microtubules in the dendritic branch.