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I am always looking for motivated, detailed-orientated undergraduate and graduate students, and post-docs to join our lab. If interested please email an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé to Michael Silverman (masilver@sfu.ca). Your CV should include your academic and work history along with other notable achievements.

A note to undergraduates - There is a minimum two-semester commitment to work in this lab. The reasons are two-fold. One is that it is not possible to have a true research experience, for better or worse, in such a short time as one semester. The other is that we will spend a lot of time and money training you and thus hope that you can eventually contribute data to a poster presentation, publication, or grant submission. This commitment, and the dividends paid will give you a ‘real research experience’, far beyond a class-based laboratory. Additionally, several undergraduates have been co-authors on posters and papers, an achievement that will serve you in an extremely positive manner in your future studies or work. There is usually a one to two semester wait to enter the lab, so please plan ahead by contacting me well in advance of the semester you wish to do research.

I look forward to hearing from you.