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Michael Silverman P.I.  
Alexandra Vela MSc Student  
Dominik Grabych MSc Student  
Andrew Wieczorek Research associate  
Maryam Shakeri Undergraduate researcher  
Aiswariya (Ash) Sunder Undergraduate researcher  
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Aumbreen Akram MSc student 2014-2016, Project Manager, BC Genome Science Centre  
Bogdan Stanisavljevic NSERC-USRA researcher 2015-16, UBC Dental School  
Kathlyn Gan PhD student 2012-2015
CIHR postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University, Dr. Tom Sudhof laboratory
Kresimir Ukalovic Undergraduate researcher 2014-2015
Medical School, UBC
Trevor Gill Undergraduate Researcher 2012-2014
Osteopathic Medicine, New York City
Melissa Woodward Undergraduate researcher 2013-2014
MSc Student, UBC Neuroscience
Sandy Unger NSERC-USRA, 2010  

Diana Hunter

Undergraduate Research (ISS, 2009)
MSc. University of British Columbia

Lawrence Haiducu

(NSERC-USRA, 2009)
University of British Columbia Medical School

Karen Lo

Undergraduate Research (ISS, 2009)
MSc student, Simon Fraser University
Helena Decker PhD Student, 2009
Post-doctoral researcher, Gary Banker, OHSU
Katka Gazdik MSc Student, 2008  
Pouya Mafi NSERC Undergraduate Summer Researcher, 2008  
Momir Bosiljcic Undergraduate Research Student (ISS, 2008)  
Jadah Johnson Undergraduate Research Student (ISS, 2008), MSc Neuroscience, University of Calgary  
David Kwinter NSERC Undergraduate Summer Researcher, 2007
University of Kentucky School of Medicine
Susan Hand Undergraduate Research Student, (ISS, 2007) PhD student, Neuroscience, University of British Columbia  
Kathryn Roston Visiting student, Whitman College, WA, 2006, 2007
Medical Student, University of British Columbia
Katherine Thain Undergraduate Research Student, (ISS, 2006), PhD Student, University of British Columbia  
Griselda Zuccarino Undergraduate Research Student, 2004, PhD Student, Yale University